Himalayan Salt Lamps with Himalayan Salt Candles

Himalayan Salt Lamps with Himalayan Salt Candles


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Himalayan Salt Lamps with Himalayan Salt Candles

Get more for less. Himalayan Salt Lamps with Himalayan Salt Candles

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Our beautiful, well crafted Himalayan Salt Lamps with Himalayan Salt Candles are not only original and beautiful; they are also beneficial to your health. Each one-of-a-kind salt bowl is crafted with finesse to preserve its prehistoric energy. Himalayan Pyramid Shape Lamp are coveted for the rich mineral content that gives them their unique glow. This absolutely stunning salt creation has to be seen to be appreciated; it creates a captivating focal point for rooms and is a perfect gift option.                                 


  • Air Purification
  • Increased Energy
  • Decreased Allergy Symptoms
  • Strengthens Immune System
  • Help Asthma Sufferers
  • Extremely Beneficial for Migraines
  • Improves Quality of Sleep
  • Helps with Sinus Issues
  • Reduced Airborne Dust, Smoke & Pollen Levels


  • Finely crafted polished wood base (Neem Wood Base is known for its durable & termite free properties).
  • Lamp comes complete with the best quality power cable with on/off switch, polarized plug and 15W bulb.
  • 950 ~ 1050 ionic/cc. Treatment area is 64 square feet*.
  • Gives a soft & soothing Amber color when Lit.

For the best results, place several of these in a home or business place. When you place the Himalayan Pyramid Shape Lamp in your office, every day pressures are diminished! You will feel vibrant and refreshed. Place this natural ionizer in the bedroom to alleviate stress, improve sleep & reduce dust particles for the atmosphere. Positive Ions are abundant in these times due to excessive use of electrical appliances, A research in the U.S. has proved that an ionized room has 52% less dust in the air and 95% less bacteria, since negative ions omitted by the “Himalayan Salt Lamp” cling on to the positive ions making them to heavy to stay suspended in the air.

Our sole purpose of introducing this top class product is to play our part in enriching lives by eliminating stress & improving health. We deliver all over America and Canada. From California to New York and Vancouver to Toronto,  we offer free delivery to your door steps.


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