Edible Himalayan Table Salt

Edible Himalayan Table Salt


Himalayan Natural Edible Salt is naturally fortified with 84 trace minerals
25-30 mesh edible salt
2lb Pouch Plus 10% Extra



Edible Himalayan Table Salt

Edible Himalayan Table Salt 2 LB

Bringing the finest Himalayan Pink Salt to your house, Himalayan Pink Salt is the highest quality salt of its kind. The beautiful pink color, rich variety of trace mineral elements, and variety of granular sizes ensure the ideal option for everyday usage—from on the table, to baking, to simple grinding. Extracted from deep within the Pristine Himalayas Mountains, Edible Salt Fine Grain, Himalayan Natural Edible Salt gets its pink speckled color from the natural richness derived from iron and other minerals. It has maintained its natural purity because it is unrefined with no additives. Its subtle crunch and incomparable taste will delight your senses. This versatile salt will not make your meals taste great it will also hugely benefit your health.

As one of the world’s most vital and treasured commodities, salt has remained a kitchen staple throughout history and comes in many interesting forms and colors. We proudly introduce our own version, which comes in a resealable bag for your convenience and can be used to fill up your salt grinder in a moment’s notice.
Our Edible Salt Fine Grain, Himalayan Natural Edible Salt is ethically sourced, non-GMO, kosher, and contains 84 trace elements and minerals. Mined by hand from ancient deposits in the Himalayas, this salt has none of the additives that you may find in regular table salt.


In ancient times, salt was exclusively mined from caves or gathered by communities that lived near the sea, and quickly became the world’s first major commodity. This tiny, savory little rock is one of the most valuable products known to man and has played major roles throughout many different civilizations in history:
    •    Ancient Greeks exchanged slaves for salt
    •    Romans used salt as partial pay for soldiers
    •    Ancient Ethiopians used disks of salt as currency
    •    Chinese writing dating back to 2700 B.C. referenced 40 different types of salt
    •    One of the taxes that sparked the French Revolution was for salt
    •    The Erie Canal was built mainly for the transportation of salt


Himalayan salt is an unrefined, unprocessed raw mineral mined by hand from caves that formed 250 million years ago. It’s sourced from the foothills of the Salt Range, just a few miles from the tallest mountains on the planet. Since it’s harvested in solid crystals, it’s thought to be more potent than colloidal sea salt, which is produced from evaporated water. Today, pink salt is often considered to be one of the purest forms available.
An obviously unique aspect of Himalayan Pink Salt is its color. The pink hue is entirely natural, and comes from the inherent impurities within nature that minerals will have—but it’s entirely safe to eat.


Standard table salt is 97.5 percent sodium chloride, and 2.5 percent “other” ingredients, which can include anti-caking chemicals. The process used to create refined table salt alters the natural chemical structure of salt during the heating process, which can unfortunately destroy many of the desirable minerals.
In contrast, Edible Salt Fine Grain, Himalayan Natural Edible Salt is approximately 85 percent sodium chloride, including no additives, with the remaining 15 percent containing 84 trace elements and minerals such as iron, phosphorous, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride. This salt is also unrefined, which means it may be more easily absorbed by the body than highly processed salt.
Salt is often used to enhance the flavors in our food, but it has a much more important role than that—it helps some functions of the human body. In fact, a lack of sodium may cause some health related issues such as electrolyte imbalance and dehydration.

Our Himalayan Pink Sea Salt can be used in any recipe that calls for salt, from savory dishes to sweet desserts.Our sole purpose of introducing this top class product is to play our part in enriching lives by eliminating stress & improving health. We deliver all over America and Canada. From California to New York and Vancouver to Toronto,  we offer free delivery to your door steps.