Salt Plates

What can a Himalayan Salt Plate do exactly and what is it? Salt plates are slabs of Himalayan pink rocks that act as a heating tray for grilling. You can use it to make your chicken, shrimp, fish, etc.

Using salt plates not only add flavor to your food, but it also has its own health benefits. It improves blood circulation, it gives you a healthier libido, provides support to your respiratory functions, aids with blood sugar, and keeps the pH of your body balanced.


  • Use double oven-mitts when handling the plate
  • Start by heating the block
  • Gradual heat is required for the slab of salt to work best
  • Put it on the grill for 15 minutes (low heat)
  • Bring it up to a medium for 10 minutes
  • Raise it to a high for another 10 minutes
  • Throw on your meat or vegetable on the plate
  • But don’t season the food too much as the salt rock provides that for you


  • After using the plate, leave it out to cool overnight as the salt plate retains heat for a while
  • Run some hot water in the sink, and rinse the plate. Do not soak.
  • Scrape off residue with a scouring sponge or metal spatula after removing from water.
  • Quickly rinse again in hot water to clean
  • Dry with a clean dish cloth whilst being careful as you don’t want it to fall on your foot.
  • Let it air dry on the counter.

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