Types of Mattresses for bedsores:

Following are some of the types of mattresses for bedsores. Wondering what are the mattress stores near me then you should visit our official blog.

Water mattress:

The action of this mattress allows the pressure to be distributed evenly using the principle of Pascal, which states that the weight of a body that fluctuates in a liquid is uniformly distributed over the entire contact surface and not over a single point. It is essential that the water is introduced and maintained at a temperature of 37° C because if it is too cold it can cause a drop in the body temperature of the patient, if it is too high it can cause burns.

Air mattress with alternating inflation:

It is a dynamic mattress made of PVC, which is composed of two series of elements which, thanks to a compressor to which the device is connected by means of tubes, swell and deflate so that the patient now rests on some now on the others, alternating areas subject to compression. A knob allows pressure to be adjusted according to the patient’s weight. The mattress is equipped with two flaps each and a foot that must be tucked under the normal mattress to make it more stable.

Inflating air mattress alternating with interchangeable elements:

It is a dynamic mattress made of PVC and composed of interchangeable tubular elements which, thanks to a compressor to which the device is connected by means of tubes, inflate and deflate alternately.

Floating mattress:

It is the evolution of the alternating pressure mattress, compared to it. It has more possibilities of regulation; it is formed by independent air cushions, placed on a floating base, which alternately swell and deflate. Its operation can be static or dynamic:

It is suitable for the prevention of pressure sores in patients with medium-high risk or with respiratory failure or fractures. It can be a mattress or a mattress overlay.

Is it better to use water or air mattresses to prevent bedsores?

As regards prevention, an important role is represented by the use of the right mattress. Water, being incompressible, is the natural element suitable for the prevention and treatment of bedsores.