The pillow with aloe vera: the properties of this succulent plant:

Aloe vera, as mentioned, is a relatively common succulent plant in Italy and not only ornamental. It boasts the beneficial properties used since ancient times. It seems, in fact, that it was already known 5,000 years ago, that Cleopatra used it for beauty treatments and that in various treatises of ancient medicine it was referred to as the “panacea for all ills” and not wrongly.

The properties of aloe vera are truly innumerable, as modern science has shown. It has antiviral, antiseptic and antifungal properties, prevents asthma attack, stimulate the immune system and also the purification of the organism until it is used as a fundamental component in anti-aging creams for its healing and effective power against free radicals.

Aloe vera, therefore, has healing properties, that are due to its vitamin content, salt mineral and in particular to the natural antibiotics.

Its antibacterial and antifungal function is comparable to that of common sulfonamides and is effective for fighting infections, especially skin infections. A concentration between 60% and 90% is effective against the most common and harmful bacteria.

As for the antiviral properties of the aloe vera present in the memory foam pillow, they are due to the presence of another substance is useful in combating herpes simplex, the responsible one as well as measles, including the labial one and the so-called “Fire of Saint Anthony”.

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The acemannan is the one that stimulates the immune system by strengthening it, thanks to its action on macrophages. In this sense, the sensitive cells of our body respond promptly to the stimulus of Aloe vera, and this presupposes that its presence within the pillow represents a continuous benefit.

For those suffering from joint pain especially in the neck, shoulder and back area, aloe vera also acts in relation to the anti-inflammatory action. This happens thanks to the inhibition of some bodily reactions that cause contractures, increased vascularization with edema and reduction of possible swelling. In this way, the symptoms also disappear, such as redness and an increase in the temperature of the area affected by inflammation.