Hardness 4 mattress and the right slatted frame

Mattresses made of latex and natural latex

Sleep pads made of synthetic or natural latex are also elastic. However, they have a higher density and are more dimensionally stable than cold foam mattresses. Therefore, the mattress surface is perceived as a little less forgiving. Again, zones of more resilient and stronger inserts can be integrated. Thanks to the extremely high point elasticity latex mattresses offer a good body adaptation and thus pressure relief. This favors a relaxed spine in an ergonomic position.

The visco foam mattress

The degree of hardness 4 is also to be regarded as a benchmark for the viscous mattress. In addition, volumetric weight has to be considered. Viscous foam mattresses are softer and more forgiving than other materials, depending on the additional core material. Therefore, the body can sink more than intended even at grade 4 and coordination with body weight. Therefore, pay extra attention to a high volume weight. As a result, a better supporting force of the core is ensured. Read about Who makes a good mattress for stomach sleepers


Pocket spring mattresses

As the name implies, the core of a spring mattress consists of numerous springs. By the pressure of body weight, they give way. With a sufficient number of turns creates good point elasticity in mattresses with pocket. A grade 4 mattress has thicker and less compliant wires. In the pocket spring mattress, the numerous springs are sewn into covered pockets for better point elasticity. By means of a variable number of windings or different spring wire thicknesses, the pocket spring mattress also produces different body-appropriate loading zones.

The right slatted frame

Due to their elasticity, cold foam and viscous patches adapt flexibly to the construction of the slatted frame even with a degree of hardness of 4. So almost every combination is possible. For latex mattresses a slatted frame with many struts and small gaps is useful. The high density may otherwise lead to sagging between the struts. The ideal is a plate slatted frame with individual body adaptation. The dimensional stability of the pocket spring mattresses leads to a limited selection of suitable slatted frames in this type of mattress. With an adjustable model, the spring core may suffer from a frequent change in position.